Homemade Chagaccino

Collaboration with Sunday Natural 

At my recent trip to San Diego I first came across Chagaccino, the new superfood trend drink in the states, and of course I had to try that! Cozy and warm in the morning, and iced in the afternoon heat, and I loved both. Of course that was a perfect inspiration for my new Sunday Natural recipe!

I will show you how to make a chagaccino mixture for your pantry and also how to prepare the actual drink. In a nice container, the chagaccino mixture also makes a great gift.

What is Chagaccino?

Chaga mushroom grows often on birch trees, and just like reishi, lion’s mane or cordyzeps, it has been used for medical purposes in Russia and Asia for centuries.

Mushroom-Coffee? I have at least one friend that would be really grossed out by the idea, but I promise, my chagaccino doesn’t taste of mushrooms. It is a bit earthy, but also chocolate-y and well, it just tastes of coffee. If you like Cappuccino, this will work for you.

Chaga mushroom is supposed to be anti-inflammatory and beneficial for the gut flora, lower your blood sugar, fight bacteria and viruses and even cancer cells. A perfect superfood as a coffee alternative!

What do you need to make Chagaccino?

  • Chaga mushroom powder

Sunday Natural have provided me with chaga powder for this recipe. It’s from untouched Baltic forests. You can also buy chaga chunks, but they are usually used for tea. The powder is much quicker absorbed by the water, so it works for coffee. You can find out more here*.

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  • Cacao powder

I also got the cacao powder from Sunday Natural, it’s a blend of organic raw cacao beans. Find out more here*

  • Espresso, coffee or barley coffee I tried all the it worked very well.
  • Plant milk I used regular oat milk, but if you have a nice foamy barista one, that’s probably even better. You can also sweeten it if you like.

What else can you add to the Chagaccino?

  • Lion’s mane/ Hericium

This vital mushroom is used in some chagaccino recipes. Sunday Natural sells it too*. Tom orders it anyway for his smoothies, so I was able to add some to my chagaccino mix. No, it still didn’t taste of mushrooms. Cordyceps* is another vital mushroom you can add.

  • Cinnamon

I’n not a big fan of cinnamon in chocolate or coffee drinks, but I know many of you love it and will enjoy adding a bit to the mix. You can get good Ceylon cinnamon* from Sunday Natural.

  • Ashwaganda

The popular adaptogen Ashwaganda has also made it into some recipes. The Ayurvedic root is supposed to help with anxiety, sleep issues, stress and hormones. People with overactive thyroids (like me) are not advised to take it. So I don’t know what ashwaganda tastes like, but I think adding the content of a capsule into the chagaccino is not going to have a big impact on the taste, as you often find ashwaganda in moon milks.

Homemade Chagaccino
Homemade Chagaccino


A perfect superfood to enjoy as a hot drink or iced!
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Prep Time 1 min
Cook Time 5 mins
Total Time 6 mins
Course drinks
Cuisine American


  • 2 parts coffee, espresso or barley coffee powder
  • 1 part cacao powder
  • 1 part chaga powder
  • plant milk


  • Mix 1 part chaga powder, 1 part cacao powder and 2 parts coffee powder of choice and store in an airtight container.
  • For one cup, prepare one tablespoon of the mixture in a bialetti or a French press just like an espresso.
  • Serve with warm, foamy plant milk or iced.
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