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Delicious vegan sauces, sides and fingerfood for buffets or picnics

spicy peanut sauce
Sauces, Sides & Fingerfood


Here is a new version of my delicious spicy peanut sauce recipe. It’s now quick, easy and even more delicious with peanut butter, ginger, lime, oat milk, soy sauce, maple syrup and chili. I don’t recommend using coconut milk anymore, because it firms up too […]

miso maple sauce
Sauces, Sides & Fingerfood


My favourite dinner for the cozy season is nourishing oven veggies with a delicious sauce and a fresh salad. Yes, oven veggies take a while, but the actual preparation is quick, so you can get all kinds of thing done while they are roasting. You […]

Smoked paprika wedges
Sauces, Sides & Fingerfood


You can easily make crispy smoked paprika wedges with a delicious Mexican inspired spice mixture yourself in the oven with this recipe. How to make really crispy wedges Wash the potatoes, dry them well and cut them lengthwise into halves, then into quarters and then […]

picture of pumpkin bruschetta
Sauces, Sides & Fingerfood


Cooperation with Casa Firelli These little pumpkin bruschetta are a taste explosion! Crispy pan-fried bread, a hint of garlic, rich and buttery roasted Hokkaido squash, sweet and tangy pomegranate tendrils, aromatic basil and a spicy umami hot sauce! Italian brand Casa Firelli have provided their […]

picture of seitan satay
Mains, Sauces, Sides & Fingerfood


This seitan satay is inspired by the satay that originates in Indonesia, and which is served in many Southeast Asian countries in regional variations. The grilled meat skewers are often dipped in peanut sauce. In the colonial era, the dish became part of Dutch cuisine […]

picture of homemade wraps
Breakfast, Sauces, Sides & Fingerfood


Making wraps yourself is easy, and homemade wraps taste so much better than store-bought ones, believe me.  I like my wraps soft and fluffy and thick, almost like big pitas. But of course you decide how thick or think, small or big you want to […]

picture of smashed pink potatoes
Sauces, Sides & Fingerfood


These delicious crispy oven roasted smashed pink potatoes with pink pepper, fresh herbs and smoked paprika make a nice vegan side for almost anything. They work especially well with soy satay and they are delicious with apricot mustard sauce. I created them for the food […]