Picture of Manhattan beachIn the summer of 2017 on a flight to Los Angeles I ordered a brilliant new idea for a novel from the universe. The kind that I would want to work on with inspiration and passion, for the whole two weeks that I would be in my friends’ house on the beach looking after their beautiful cat. The days went by and I cruised on the Strand in the sun with my bike, went to yoga classes, rode the Pacific waves on the bodyboard, went to the Mall, cooked yummy Californian food with sweet potatoes, avocados and cilantro while listening to the Menzingers up and down, spent the warm evenings on the couch binge watching Parks & Recreation with my fluffy friend … but there was no sign of the brilliant new novel idea.

The kitchen counter was decorated with a beautifully illustrated baking book by an English youtuber. It wasn’t vegan, so I wasn’t interested in the recipes, but out of curiosity I watched one of her videos.

She talked about her sunscreen in her cute British accent, it was kind of entertaining, and I realised that this is actually a thing! Nice, I thought and felt a little unproductive with my two unfinished novel projects. A bit like my lazy friend here:

Picture of Asi

I flew home without having written a single word, but when I woke up the next morning, the idea was there. I jumped up. I’ll make youtube videos and show how I cook my food! People keep asking me for the recipes and I usually just shrug and say, I threw random things into a skillet.

Why not document the cooking process and share my skills with others this way? I had no idea how to go about it, but looking back I’m amazed at what you can learn in just a few weeks if you really want to. Handle camera equipment, edit the material and actually turn it into a movie, set up a wordpress blog, use Pinterest etc. I’m learning something new every day and I love it!

While a lot was new, things I’ve learned in the past turned out useful: I’m a translator, worked as a model and movie extra while studying literature at FU Berlin, was an intern at a Berlin city magazine, organised readings with my authors group Kommando Torben B. and have been travelling the world as a flight attendant for more then 10 years now, constantly on the hunt for great vegan food and shoes. But the most important were of course the countless hours I enjoyed in the kitchen. 

Pic of Mall in TorranceI believe that veganism is the future. I have seen so many stunning things happen in the last couple of years. It is unstoppable for all the many reasons we know and I want to contribute to it. First I just wanted to show that cooking vegan food is not that difficult, even more complex recipes, if you’re shown how to do it. But then my recipe video idea turned into a whole vegan lifestyle blog. It seemed the logical next step. 

We always make a statement by deciding what we spend our money on. We have power! There is a vegan alternative to almost everything, be it specific foods, good cosmetics, fancy shoes or warm jackets, and often the production of these things also goes along with better treatment of workers and less harm to our environment.

Most people I speak to want to support that, they often just don’t know about the better options, aren’t sure where to start. I want to present some of those options here on my blog, inspire people to veganize their life, and create an exchange with those who already did that or are transitioning, or maybe just interested.

I didn’t go vegan from one day to the next. It just happened over time, it was the only logical consequence of my personal development. I kicked more and more animal products out of my life until one day I reluctantly bought a normal latte, because I was travelling and I desperately needed a coffee and there was no way of getting plant milk anywhere, but after the first sip I thought, gross, I can’t drink this anymore. That was in 2010.

Fashion was the next step. There are interesting vegan brands and online shops popping up, selling clothes, shoes and accessories. I will introduce you to my favourite ones. 

Regarding cosmetics, I found a company that convinced me so much with their vegan, sustainable and ethical hi-tech natural cosmetics and supplements, that I became a partner. Find out what they have here. (Available in most European countries.)

I also want to share what I learned about traveling as a vegan and how to make it easier. I found yummy food everywhere and I share it with you on my instagram account for FLY ME TO THE VEGAN BUFFET, along with yummy things I have cooked or ingredients I would like to cook with and need tips.

Traveling so much has also made me realise how little I actually need and made me a minimalist. But for me that doesn’t mean I don’t buy anything, as I love buying new beautiful things. It means I only buy things that I think I will be really happy with, and only keep them if that turns out right. It feels good to take everything into my hands and ask myself, is this still me or can I let it go? It feels good to know exactly what I have and where it is. Everything that doesn’t make me happy anymore, I sell or give away, so it can make someone else happy. 

People sometimes say that my apartment looks like a hotel room, but a tidy apartment makes my head feel tidy too. And that is how I can be creative and productive. That subject will be a part of this blog too.

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