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This sauerkraut sandwich is so amazing, I’m sure if I opened a sandwich place and only sold these, there would be a line all the time. Maybe I should actually do that. I’m so addicted to them, I would be my own best customer anyway.

A few things are important: you need good bread. As a German, by good bread I mean organic sourdough bread. Maybe with flaxseed and sesame or pumpkin seeds, something like that, maybe even homemade. It can be fresh or toasted, both options work for me. 

Real sauerkraut!

The second thing is real sauerkraut. Not in a can from the supermarket, best before 2025, I mean fresh sauerkraut with the bacteria still active. It’s sold in the produce section of organic shops or on weekly markets. You can also easily make it yourself, there are lots of recipes and tutorials online, for example this one. Fermented foods feed your microbiome and help keep you healthy!

pic ofSuperyummy sauerkraut sandwich

I love the pink sauerkraut that they sell in my organic supermarket, it’s made of red cabbage and looks so pretty! Same with the gherkins: Since I tried fresh gherkins with the fermenting bacteria still alive, I don’t want anything else! 

For the tofu, I like roasted smoked tofu, but you don’t need to roast it, it’s fine just like that, too. 

Also, fresh dill is nice on the sauerkraut sandwich, but basil, parsley, cress or rocket salad are great too. 

And here is the recipe.


Would you like to watch the video first? 

Ingredients for the Sauerkraut Sandwich

good bread
vegan butter or margarine
smoked tofu
fresh sauerkraut
dill or other fresh herbs

How to make the Sauerkraut Sandwich

Fry the smoked tofu up from both sides or don’t, smoked tofu is also fine just as it is.

pic of tofu forSuperyummy sauerkraut sandwich

Layer the butter, mustard, tofu, gherkins, sauerkraut and dill on the sandwich. Ready! 

pic of Superyummy sauerkraut sandwich



Have you made the Sauerkraut Sandwich? I would love to see your picture on Instagram @flymetotheveganbuffet or #flymetotheveganbuffet.


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