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picture of vegan donut from brammibal's

Finding food as a vegan in Berlin is really not a problem anymore. Happy Cow spits out countless results all over the city, chains like Dean & David or Dolores Burritos and many Vietnamese places have a range of vegan options, even some of the traditional curry sausage stalls offer a vegan curry sausage meanwhile – it’s Berlin’s specialty after all. 

As this is my hometown, of course I have tried a lot and come to like a few places the most.

The first question is of course, where are you staying as a vegan in Berlin? If you’re looking for a stylish sustainable organic hotel where you can sit in the cozy lobby and enjoy an oat cappuccino or a vegan organic glass of wine, or feast on an extensive vegan-vegetarian breakfast buffet check out my blogpost on Almodovar Hotel Berlin here (and get a discount code).



vegan food at 1990

Whenever you ask for a good vegan restaurant in Berlin in a Facebook group, one of the first two answers will mention this place. For a good reason: you can’t do anything wrong coming here. This is where we take our guest, vegan or not. They always love the amazing and creative Vietnamese food, served as tapas in many little bowls, so if you go there in a group it’s like a little table buffet.

You might have guessed that I love buffets, right? The restaurant is located right at Boxhagener Platz, opening times are accommodating, service is very fast and friendly. Even if you don’t have a reservation, the place is quite big, so you’ll probably get a table. It’s not expensive and the audience is young and cheerful. What I particularly like is the cute retro style decor of the restaurant, that alone is worth going there. Check out their website here.


secret garden berlin

The beautiful Japanese inspired restaurant above the Veganz Supermarket and next to Avesu the vegan Shoe Store is Berlins first vegan sushi restaurant. It is run by the same family as 1990 Vegan Living and Cat Tuong in Prenzlauer Berg, which I also highly recommend.

The ingredients in all three restaurants are mainly organic, the water is filtered and vitalised, and glutamate is not used.

The sushi creations at secret garden are exceptional and I find all of them amazing, but you can also order warm food and delicious and beautifully presented desserts. And just like 1990, it’s not very expensive. Find out more on their website.

I also made a reel about my last visit:

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Not into sushi? No problem, from that corner at Warschauer Straße you can also see the East Side Mall. In that mall’s food court upstairs, you will find beyond burgers, fries with yummy sauces, loaded kebab fries and of course the aforementioned curry sausage. In case you have never heard about Berlin’s snack specialty, it’s a sliced roasted sausage drowned in a spicy ketchup sauce with lots of curry powder:

picture of vegan curry sausage at vincent vegan

Originally a food truck and catering company serving vegan fast food and good karma, Vincent Vegan is starting to get established in food courts in Hamburg and now also Berlin. Check out their website here

picture of food at vincent vegan



If you’ve been following my instagram account, you’ll know that I absolutely love their perfect donuts and matcha latte right by the canal where we often take a walk and watch the swans when the weather is nice. (Picture with Boston Creme Donut and blurry swans.) They also serve sandwiches and meanwhile also have gluten-free donuts. 

picture of vegan donut from brammibal's

The one in Kreuzberg is the original one, Europe’s first vegan donut place. Meanwhile There is also a Brammibal’s in Prenzlauer Berg and a big fancy one at Potsdamer Platz, that’s the picture with the coconut maple bacon donut, my absolute favourite combination.

Brammibal’s doesn’t make them any more, but I was inspired to create my coconut maple bacon muffins.

picture of vegan donut from brammibal's

It’s also perfect for a pre-movie snack or for stopping by during street protests which often take that route.The one at the beginning of the blogpost is Cherry Amaretto, also fantastic, and there are so many more!

Two new stores have opened at famous department store KaDeWe and in Friedrichshain, you can find out more on their website



Cozy and friendly Italian restaurant run as a collective serving delicious Napolitan brick oven pizza and homemade pasta. The place is very popular and not extremely big, so you might want to make a reservation. 

picture of vegan pizza at la stella nera

What looks like a giant croissant there is a calzone, my boyfriend’s favourite, and I love the pizza Carciofina Piccante with smoked tofu, artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes. Also, the desserts are great, my favourite is of course the tiramisu! Find out more on their website.


I often go to this beautiful light spacious cafe to enjoy the Brazilian inspired brunch buffet with my mum, it somehow became a tradition. But actually the place is famous for its fantastic cakes and cupcakes. I can’t believe I don’t have a cake picture anywhere. Some food blogger I am. I guess I’ll have to go and eat cake there soon and take a picture. At least I can show you my loot from the last brunch buffet. Find out more here.

picture of vegan Brunch at vux berlin


How amazing is it to go to a nice cozy after work Spanish tapas and cocktail bar, order whatever you want and not worry about anything being vegan or not? Pretty amazing, right?

Here is a little reel I made of my last visit:

Check them out on facebook here


If you want Berlin Neukölln this is it: a wild mix of second hand furniture, fun vibe, young people wearing typical Neukölln fashion that makes 40-year-olds (me) feel nostalgic and comfort food that everyone enjoys. “100% vegan, kind of organic, a little bit sexy” they describe their republic. Culture and burgers are on the agenda since this popular vegan food truck found a home. I really have to come back soon. Check out their website here, and their poutine in the picture. 

picture of vegan poutine at vegan restaurant Neue Republik Reger in Berlin



I always thought I didn’t like Korean food, but that was before I came here. Beautiful restaurant, very polite and attentive service. And I absolutely loved the bibimbap. I wish I was in Prenzlauer Berg more often, then I’d come here all the time. This is their Facebook page. 

picture of vegan korean restaurant feel seoul good berlin



This is a still quite new zero waste restaurant with delicious and creative food on their changing menu and excellent and highly professional service. Be sure to have a reservation, as this place is popular. I went there with my girls and we all loved every bite of our food and the lovely wine. I had the spaghetti with Jerusalem artichokes in the picture.

If you want to show your parents great vegan food in a beautiful environment, sustainability with style and the typical Berlin vibe, without things getting too crazy, take them here. Find out more on their website. 

picture of vegan zero waste restaurant frea in Berlin



picture of food at vegan restaurant tiger club berlin

Yes, there are many vegan Asian restaurants in Berlin, and they all have great food as far as I have tried, but they are all in the same two or three districts. Tiger Club went for areas that are a bit of a vegan desert: Charlottenburg and Steglitz. I have been to both locations, the food was delicious and the service great. 


currywurst at vaust

This restaurant brews their own beer and you haven’t been to Germany unless you’ve had some decent beer. The cozy place located in one of the many beautiful old buildings in this neighbourhood not far from the posh part of famous shopping mile Kurfürstendamm is perfect for that. Along with that, you need to try their organic bread with oil and the yummy spice mixture.

The menu is mainly German, so if you wanted to try a curry sausage, you will find that here, too. And fancy desserts! More on their website. 

I shot a little reel on my last visit:

These were just my favourites to check out if you’re a vegan in Berlin, and I will probably constantly add another one. Is there one you can’t believe I haven’t listed here? Let me know in the comments.

Also interesting: along with Happy Cow and Vanilla Bean, we have our own app Berlin Vegan here, that you can download for free. 

Have you seen my blogpost on apps for traveling as a vegan


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