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Delicious vegan quick & easy meals that are ready in less than 30 minutes

Spaghetti Lentilbolognese
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This easy, quick vegan recipe for spaghetti with lentil bolognese are one of the absolute go-tos in our kitchen. We usually have pasta, lentils and tomatoes on hand. As a meat replacement I really like ready to use brown lentils. But of course you can […]

tomato rice
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Whenever I cook rice, I make twice the amount, because the leftover rice is the perfect basis for the next meal. Also, cooled rice has built resistant starch which feeds our good gut bacteria. Sometimes I make my pineapple rice with vegan egg, but mostly […]

picture of tahini veggies
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These tahini veggies are a quick meal I created by chance, when on a Sunday evening I just threw a couple of things I found in the fridge without great expectations. It was soooo good! Some of you might know the sauce from my sesame […]

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(Cooperation with Vantastic Foods) Satay is originally from Indonesia, but is served in many Southeast Asian countries in regional variations, for example in Japan as Yakitori. The grilled meat skewers are often dipped in peanut sauce. In the colonial era, the dish became part of […]