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I’m a self-employed Ringana-Partner, because I’m a fan of the skincare products. You can find out why here. If you become a customer via the links in the post I’ll get a commission on your purchases and your future purchases, that way you can support my blog. Ringana ships to most European countries. This blogpost is not an official Ringana page, I am responsible for the content myself.

Tooth oil 2.0

Ayurvedic oil-pulling in the morning helps eliminate bacteria by binding them. You can use sesame oil or coconut oil, but since I discovered the tooth oil by Ringana, I can’t imagine anything else.

It’s easy to use: after flossing and cleaning the tongue, rinse, then shake the tooth oil bottle and take a sip, about the amount of a tablespoon. Then move the oil around between your teeth for up to 20 minutes. I usually do that while I take care of my face.

Then discard the oil into a kleenex – not into the sink, it would clog up after a while. Rinse well and brush your teeth. You can even use the oil for that, you just put some on your toothbrush.

Mild cleansing grains clean gently, while a high-quality plant extract from turmeric protects against cavities and gum disease und whitens the teeth. Mint oil, star anise oil and eucalyptus oil protect against bad breath.

The tooth oil was Ringana’s first product ever and has been a bestseller for more than 20 years now.

You can find the tooth oil here*, and there also is a sample size.

Skin care products

I’ve been a fan of Ringana’s fresh natural vegan cruelty-free skincare products for over a year now, I can’t imagine using anything else anymore. I used to have sensitive, super oily shiny skin that was hurting and flaking with dryness at the same time.

That looked great. I stood in front of the mirror with tweezers all the time removing skin flakes.

But I can hardly remember that now. Since I’ve started using the Ringana products, those issues are gone. My skin has become so much more relaxed and agreeable.  

The order in which the products are used, matters: first you wash your face with the cleanser and rinse with lukewarm water. Over night, the skin detoxes, sebum builds up and clogs the pores. That’s why you want to clean your face thoroughly in the morning. That also prepares the skin for the following skincare products.

Ringana’s cleanser contains organic oils with natural antioxidants that treat the skin and a plant complex containing sweet clover, jojoba and ginkgo that stabilises the skin’s natural acid protection barrier. You can get it here*

As a second step, a tonic clarifies oily skin that tends to impurities, and it provides hydration. It regulates the skin’s sebum production, thus preventing undesirable shine.

Ringana has a tonic pure with zinc PCA* for oily skin with impurities and a tonic calm with probiotic lactic acid* for dry and normal skin.

The next step is the ultimate thirst-quencher. The vitalising Anti-Wrinkle-Serum* smoothes wrinkles and prevents impurities by stimulating cell regeneration and cell renewal. Collagen- and elastin production is boosted and hyaluronic acid hydrates sustainably.

For those who are too young for anti-wrinkle-products, the thirst-quencher is the Hydro Serum*.

By the way, all these products are freshly produced. That is why see an expiry date on the anti wrinkle serum in the picture below and that’s why you don’t see these products in shops. They are online sold online and they are only a few days old when they are shipped to you. You can read more about that here.

As a last step I apply the cream. In the beginning I used Cream Medium* but meanwhile I moved on to Cream light*.

I really don’t have dry skin anymore!

This light moisturizer for oily skin with impurities clarifies the complexion. If you have very dry skin, Cream Rich* is for you.

The skincare products also come in sets* – with a beautiful soft cream coloured organic cotton towel in size Medium, along with the little towels that the glass bottles are wrapped in for transport.

I love this, I’ll never have to buy new towels again.

picture of ringana towels

Interested in the skincare products? You can take a skin type test* and then order your sample box*. That will last you for about a week, and when you order them for the first time they are only about 10 Euro. This price is updated when you put them in your shopping cart. New customers also get a 5 Euro Voucher, so the skincare products sample set is a real bargain. There is also a sample box* for men.

The body milk* is my absolute favourite product. It has a lovely scent and moisturises sustainably. I always have one in my living room and in my handbag, because I also use it as a hand cream.

But Ringana also has a hand balm and a foot balm. You can easily find out what your favourite skincare products are by ordering the Sample Set Body* which is also on offer for new customers. It is also a nice gift.

About twice a week I exfoliate my skin with the scrub*. It frees the skin of dead cells, thus accelerating cell renewal. Natural exfoliating grains made of grains from loofah, bamboo and pomegranate seeds stimulate the skin’s circulation and restore its radiant, rosy look.

Like all Ringana products it contains absolutely no microplastic, no parabens and no mineral oils or other quetionable stuff.

When it’s sunny I use the sunscreen. It is waterproof and coral friendly and contains no synthetic filters. It has SPF 20, and here you can read all about why that is enough*.

Another skincare product I really like is the After sun*. It contains Erythrulose which add a light tan. I use it every evening after the cleanser and tonic as a face cream.

Because of the light tan, nobody asks if I’m sick anymore.

Honestly, people, my skin loves these skincare products, that’s why I became a partner.

Antiox: skincare from inside

Skincare products also work from the inside. I have a glass of antiox every morning, the fruit platter to go, as some of my colleagues call it. Antioxidants support die body’s defences and protect the cells of free radicals. This drink includes all B-Vitamins, including B12 from buckwheat germ powder, zinc, Vitamin D and much more. And the taste is quite pleasant. Find out more here*.

Lip Balm rosé & shine

Did you know the average woman swallows about 7 pounds of lip stuff in her life? That should better not be something gross then, right?

Ringana’s lip balm* tastes ginger-y, has a light plumping effect, is not sticky and moisturises sustainably.

About twice a year, there is a Rosé und Shine Version* as a limited edition, and it’s always sold out quickly, so you might want to be quick when it’s available.


When I want to treat myself, I have a little Chi-Drink*.

The fruity and spicy ginger shot with lots of vitamin C and natural caffeine can be enjoyed pure as an energy boost, with hot water as a tea or with sparkling wine if the night gets a bit longer. Bioactive plant substances wake you up and help you focus.

By the way, I sometimes post about my favourite beauty products in my Instagram-Stories between vegan food, food photography, traveling, Berlin and our squirrels. I would be happy to see you there!

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