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I’m a self-employed Ringana-Partner, because I’m a fan of the products. If you buy something via the links in this post, I’ll get a commission on your purchases, also future purchases, that way you can support my blog. This blogpost is not an official Ringana page, I am responsible for the content myself.

Why Ringana was a game changer for me

I admit, I wasn’t very interested at first, when a friend of my mum told me about Ringana’s products. Yes, another skincare company, ok, vegan and cruelty free, that’s nice, but I actually have everything.

Luckily she mentioned them again a few months later, and said, I just think these products would be perfect for you …

Ok, I said, because meanwhile I was running low on some stuff, so I decided to give it a shot. I thought I’ll just get a few things and write a blogpost if I liked them. When I started taking a closer look at their products and company philosophy, I realised that Ringana is not just another skincare company. They really are different! 

What makes Ringana products different?  

I used to make my own cosmetics in our kitchen as a teenager in the 1990s, with recipes from a library book. My first job was being a shop assistant at the very shop where I got the supplies.

That was about the same time Ringana started their business in Austria by whipping up cosmetics in the basement. Since then, they have become a successful company with a broad range of products. They have also won several awards for setting new standards. (More on that here.)

The ingredients Ringana use are organic and fair trade, of the highest quality. Everything is freshly produced in their environmentally-friendly factory in Austria. From there the products are shipped directly to the customers. Ringana delivers throughout Europe – currently to 34 countries. (Read more on shipping here.

You know the saying: if your food can go bad, it’s good for you? The same goes for cosmetics. Just think about how old some things in your bathroom are! I found some in mine that were easily three or four years old. And they might have been in the shop for more than a year before that, who knows. How much chemical stuff needs to be in there to make sure they last for such a long time? It required by law for cosmetics sold in shops to last 30 months! 

And how long do Ringana products last?

They have an expiry date: usually about 6 months unopened. Once they are opened, they are good to use for at least 10 weeks. That is why you can only buy Ringana products online. They are fresh, not older than two weeks. So far, none of my purchases has gone bad before it was used up. Even if that took way longer than 10 weeks.

Recently I have started to become very interested in the microbiome. I read a lot about how our health and wellbeing is affected by the things we put in our stomach, and also by the things we put on our skin! One more reason to pay a little more attention to ingredients in my cosmetics.

So I tried Ringana products!

picture of Ringana products

I got curious what these fresh cosmetics would be like and once I looked at their website, I basically wanted to try everything. So I ordered quite a few things from Ringana. Luckily there are mini versions of many products.

If you’re not quite sure what you need, start with the skin type test (see box below). The questions will guide you to the best products for you. I recommend ordering a sample set for your skin type, there is a special price the first time you order them, you’ll see that when you put them in your cart. And Ringana gives everyone who registers as a customer a 5€ welcome discount as well.

trial Sizes
Skin type test

My experience

When the products I chose arrived, the first thing I noticed was how much I liked the design of the bottles. How stylish they looked in my bathroom! Also they are very sustainable, which is a big part of Ringana’s company policy. 

picture of Ringana products

The bottles are either made of glass and once you collect ten empty ones, you can send them back to the company and get a free product of your choice. Other bottles are made of CO2 neutral sugar cane and can be 100% recycled. 

The glass bottles are wrapped in a little organic cotton towel for protection as you can see here in the picture. The recycled cardboard box is filled with little chips made of cornstarch. You could actually eat them! I tried one. Not very tasty though 🙂

picture of Ringana products

How do Ringana products smell?

I have a very fine nose and have often gotten rid of cosmetics if I didn’t like the way they smelled. Usually I went for things that smelled of vanilla and pomegranate and things like that, so that earthy smell of my new Ringana products didn’t convince me at first.

But after using them a couple of times something interesting happened: not only did I get used to it, but I also became a fan of that scent. It just smells natural and clean! 

picture of ringana hand balm

I was at work the other day and about to have lunch. I had just used some of my old drugstore hand cream, and I stopped and thought, really? How am I supposed to eat when everything smells of that stuff?

Now I take my Ringana hand balm to work with me. And I have a small one for my handbag. You know how your nose is supposed to tell you which foods to eat? Apparently my nose has an attitude regarding cosmetics now too. 

Is is just cosmetics?

No, there’s much more! Ringana also has a broad range of interesting all vegan supplement products. Just like the cosmetics, the ingredients are a synergy of active agents serving a certain purpose.

There is also the Chi: a tasty natural energy drink with caffeine, vitamin C, ginger, maca and ginseng. Or the opposite: Isi, the new relax drink. 

And this is how blown away I am

I’ve been working my way through their product range and have meanwhile also become a partner in their network marketing system. That is a bit like affiliate marketing, only better and way more personal and sustainable. I’m learning about the products directly from the company and can be more helpful to my direct customers with answers to questions and recommendations.

I have a personalised link to the Ringana online shop that I have used for the links in this blogpost, and if you order something, you’ll automatically become my customer. I’ll get a commission and you can support my blog that way.

Ringana online shop
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