So the next day at home I applied the black colour to my toe- and fingernails, just one coat was enough, and then I applied the top coat. I didn’t even let it dry that long, instead got distracted and started giving my apartment a good scrub down.

I thought I would probably have to do my nails again after that and rolled my eyes at my organisational skills, but to my surprise my nails still looked amazing when I was finished! That was impressive. And you know what? It looked perfect for days.

Why Nailberry Acai Nail Elixir is perfect for my work as a flight attendant

I love black nails on my off days at home, but for work, I need something different. Black is not allowed with my airline anyway and for work, I stay away from rich colours. I might be hard to imagine, but working inside an aircraft is a lot of physical labour and takes its toll on the hands. The dry air and aggressive soap doesn’t help. That is why so many flight attendants have artificial nails, the natural ones get brittle and ugly, and the color chips off easily. 

So the next time I walked through the duty free shop, I went back to my new favourite shelf and looked at the nail care options. I decided to get this 5 in 1 base coat and treatment and I am very happy with it.