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monbento box
I always take some food with me in one of our beautiful Monbento boxes when I travel. For example my quick & easy pasta salad with balsamic glaze in a tortellini version. 

It is also perfect for Sesame Noodle Salad.

picture of Sesame Noodle Salad in Monbento Box

What exactly is a Monbento Box?

French company Monbento has won several international awards for this box: It’s hermetic, sustainable, BPA-free, it’s safe to put it in the microwave, in the freezer, and in the dish washer. There is a three years warranty and it complies with all international food regulations. 

There are several different models of Monbento boxes, you can choose the colour combination from over 2 million possibilities.

I went for the original model in corail/white.

picture of monbento box

I got the grey one with the fancy bag for Tom after the second time he came back halfway from his way to the train with a dripping bag. No more dripping bags now.

You can also get bottles, insulated bottles, cutlery and a lot of accessories like sauce cups and molds, or gift cards.

Have a look at the shop here*

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