picture of vegan duo pretzel bars
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When I was a child, I stayed a lot with my grandparents in Holland. At our breakfast table, there was something there called Duo Penotti, a brown hazelnut and white vanilla striped chocolate sandwich spread and it was absolutely delicious. Of course I tried to apply it to my sandwich as…

2. March 2021
picture of snickers cappuccino smoothie
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  When my friend Anne studied at Harvard University, I requested a lot of flights to Boston. I was her book courier, and for handing over the books she needed, we met at O2 Yoga School’s café. Now, that was almost 10 years ago and I don’t know if the café…

30. September 2020
picuture of vegan coconut maple bacon muffins
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My favourite donut at Brammibal’s, the vegan donut chain, one of my favourite all-vegan places here in Berlin, was the coconut maple bacon one. They discontinued it, and while they have so many yummy vegan donuts to choose from, I kinda missed it little. So I wanted to make my own…

8. August 2020
vegan chocolate cake animal
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(Cooperation with Vantastic Foods) I’ve had my lamb mold and my bunny mold for years now and bringing cute cake animals to the easter table has always been a huge hit. This is how to make vegan cake animals based on my chocolate bomb recipe. I made a dark brown chocolate…

7. April 2020
chocolate bomb/ foodporn
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The secret to this vegan chocolate bomb? It’s chocolate actually. Not just cocoa powder, you need real chocolate. Just chopped up and thrown into the dough, melted into an indulgent ganache and on top of the whole thing in the shape of chocolate cigars. Just get your favourite vegan chocolate, some edible…

20. April 2019
vegan naked cake with strawberries and lemon balm
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Every year in May, little strawberry houses show up all over Berlin and they sell fresh, red, sweet strawberries right from the fields outside the city. And that means strawberry cake!  Last summer I tried the vanilla cake recipe by Loving it vegan (original recipe here) and it was great, but…

4. June 2018
Picture of vegan baileys
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I love Baileys Irish Cream and after going vegan I missed it for a long time, so I was really happy when I got a bottle of homemade coconut milk Baileys for my birthday two years ago. To be precise, what I got was Baileys and vegan “Mett”, a raw minced…

9. April 2018