(I picked and bought the Anna H55 vegan shoes myself, this is not a sponsored post)

As a flight attendant I need shoes that are comfortable to wear for many hours of working, but also need to fit in with the airline’s uniform policy, which is in my case a classic smooth leather heel in black or navy, at least 3 cm.

I also want them to be made of a good quality fake leather, with no animal glues, and preferably fair and sustainably produced, which limits the choice further.

I was happy when I found the Karen Court Shoe by Vegetarian Shoes in 2009, which was something like a ballet flat with a 3cm kitten heel, my perfect work shoe. They were wide and the heel was very small, so they were super comfortable.

When that model was discontinued, I bought the three pairs in my size I could still get my hands on, and they lasted for quite a while, but recently the last pair just fell apart.

I needed new shoes. But most vegan shoes that conform with the style I need are just so high and pointy and look so uncomfortable! It’s unthinkable to work in them for 15 hours. offered a solution: Anna H55 microfibre by eco vegan shoes, with a wide 5.5cm heel in a sleek matte black or blue. They have washable comfort insoles that keep the feet dry and cool, they are shock absorbent and have a high grip sole, don’t charge up static electricity and don’t beep at security.

The shoes come in half sizes as well and the company suggests ordering half a size bigger. They cost 119 Euro, including a second pair of soles and a shoe bag, and shipping in Europe is free. There is a 30 day return policy.

Whenever I try on shoes, the first size I try is 39, so I ordered the Anna H55 vegan in 39,5 and they fit perfectly. The shoes look great with my uniform and for such a high heel they are very comfortable.

I’m not twenty anymore and already had bunion surgery on both feet, so I change into ballet flats for the service because at some point to give my feet a break. I chose the Cara B Black flats by beyond skin. If airline shoes should decide to offer another vegan model with a slightly lower heel I would probably go for that the next time I need shoes. 

What really impressed me was that when I ordered the Anna H55 vegan shoes from, I got a shipping notice within an hour and the shoes arrived the very next day! 

On Eco vegan shoes’ website you can find the Anna Shoes in other colours, and also a bootee and even a bootee wide fit which I might order for the winter to wear with pants. 

Are you a flight attendant or do you have a similar shoe-challenged job? What’s your experience with vegan shoes? I’m curious!

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